Poor Posture

Postural dysfunction or poor posture is defined as when our spine is positioned in unnatural positions, in which normal spinal curves are over emphasized and this leads to stressful positions of joints muscles and vertebrae. prolonged poor positioning builds pressure on soft tissues like muscles , ligaments and tendons and can have debilitating effects on your body and causes musculoskeletal dysfunction.
Symptoms of postural dysfunction includes both painful symptoms and visible symptoms. Painful symptoms includes pains in neck, shoulder, lower back, arm pain, muscular fatigue, headaches due to build tension in the upper back,neck and shoulders. Visible symptoms from poor posture includes rounded shoulders, hunch back,tilting head forward,bent knees, shoulder blades excessively back, arching of low back,pott belly. There are different contributing factors for poor posture. Lack of education or awareness of correct posture,sedentary lifestyle Occupational demands Joint stiffness ,Muscle weakness Muscle tightness Poor core stability Poor ergonomic work-stations. Physiotherapy treatment plays a very significant role to minimize postural dysfunction symptoms. Treatment for painful symptoms from poor posture includes postural training, taping and use of electrotherapy modalities, corrective exercises and movements to improve flexibility, strength and posture. It may also include advice regarding ergonomic work stations. Poor posture also leads to visual symptoms till now only the painful symptoms were addressed worldwide. But, The overall appearance of a person due to bad posture like protruding stomach pot belly, heavy fat filled glutei and abnormal fat distribution on areas popularly known as love handle double chin and bra fat , arching of low back were not addressed. The concern related to reducing obesity with weight loss products, diets, exercising etc. But it should be understood that not everyone is comfortable joining a gym or exercising especially if they have not worked out before. People with joint pain, chronic back pain muscle stiffness and knee pain find difficulty in loosing weight. Some exercise of their own. Ultimately due to lack of extensive medical knowledge they injure themselves instead of a healthy weight loss. At perfecto physios we aim in eliminating both the painful symptoms and visual symptoms with the most advanced techniques through both electrotherapy and exercise therapy. Body contouring for visual symptoms which were the most unseen symptom of postural dysfunction are treated with the best technology available in the world.You will not only make your body look good and stronger but will also ensure there are no unpleasant side effects. You will gain a new sense of discipline and balance lifestyle and achieve optimal performance. . By correcting both the symptoms you can make yourself pain free with beautiful body. So Let’s come and reshape your future.

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