Women health physiotherapy


Women health physiotherapy centre is an inimitable initiative specialist physiotherapist.It was born out of a vision to create something unique and everlasting for females to conquer their pain, enhance beauty and live a healthy lifestyle. It is implicit that health care services for women differ from men. It is unique as it delivers world class health services to females understanding their distinctive needs. We help females in the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and the prevention of disorders across the life span.

This includes young female, women of child bearing age, and menopausal and elderly women. The idea was to give you a place where your desire to be fit, pain free and look best is dealt with world-class technology. We offers the finest aesthetic physiotherapy, lymphatic massage and musculoskeletal treatment programmes in Chandigarh.

Women health physiotherapy
Women health physiotherapy

Common Conditions

Health conditions commonly treated by us:

Pain can arrive in adolescence, with pregnancy, menopause,parenting, injury or from a hectic schedule. Perhaps you are one of many women who suffer. Let us help you regain your inner body strength, fitness, health and a natural, youthful and beautiful image of you. Whether your pain is acute or long term, we can help you to recover with an individual treatment plan.

How we help your body

1. Therapeutic Exercise:

Individualized exercises to help improve strength, flexibility,balance, endurance and functional impairments.Motion sensor Exercise.

2. Therapeutic Modalities:

High intensity Laser, Acoustic wave therapy, Lymphatic massage,short wave diathermy, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, cervical and lumbar traction, TENS, Interferential therapy, Wax bath, CPM for knee , Hot and cold Therapy.

3. Manual Therapy:

Techniques including soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques.

4. Cardiovascular Equipment:

Treadmill and recumbent bicycle.

  • Ante and Post Natal Classes
  • Postural Correction
  • Relaxation Techniques

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