Your body has performed one of the toughest task and after pregnancy it is n’t the same Of course not! It’s tough to maintain a healthy self-image even before your body has been kicked and pulled from the inside. It’s easy for new moms to become overwhelmed. All too often, as we try so hard to fit the mold of ‘GOOD PARENT’’ or ”PERFECT MOM’’ it becomes easy to loose our self in the process.

Our physical appearance is usually the first thing to go. But the truth is you are not the best mom unless you are the best YOU! Maintaining your health and style are extremely important, and a beautiful body after baby is an attainable goal. Confidence is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children and you model confidence by first having it yourself. It’s not always easy but you owe it to your family to be at your best, to shine. With a little effort, multitasking moms everywhere can look good and feel fantastic. When you look good you feel good.

Post-partum hormones can cause body and skin changes, but there are several ways to tackle and treat those changes that includes Baby belly, love handles etc. Even with a healthy diet and exercise, some moms cannot minimize the effects of the baby belly. In fact, moms claim the body part they are most concerned with is their flabby stomach, or as they call it, “jelly belly”.

At perfecto physios we have the most advanced device which is non- invasive and specially crafted for these problems.It tightens skin and melts subcutaneous fat. It ensures uniform heating of fat tissue for a more predictable result.It features a fat melting module as well as a skin tightening module each of which passes RF current as well ultrasonic through the area. These create heat to melt fat and tighten collagen. We can tailor therapy by using whatever module is needed. We see reductions of more than an inch from upper arm circumference, in thighs and other areas.

It takes 20 to 30 minutes per area and many patients will want three or more areas treated per session. You dont need to be a dieter, but it’s worth to take care of yourself. So Let’s come and reshape your future.

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