Benefits of medical massage

The lymphatic structure is a complex process in living beings which includes fluid drainage, transportation, and immune response along with disease resistance. Lymph travels in one direction only, which is towards the heart. The lymphatic massage is a way to gently favoring the lymph flow through non-perceptible reflexology (Rubbing). Unlike other massages, lymphatic massage comprises of light, periodic and constant movements.

1) Beneficial after Cancer Surgery

After numerous scientific studies, it has been concluded that there are various effects of lymphatic massage on people after having cancer treatments, be it surgery or chemotherapy. It helps in reducing nausea, fatigue, depression, anxiety, pain, makes them feel relaxed, fast improvement of scar tissues, and mental alertness.

2) Helpful in Post Liposuction

Lumpiness and hardiness is commonly noticed after liposuction treatment, cool sculpting or smart-lipo surgeries, specifically in the abdominal area. Lymphatic massage post liposuction is wonderful that moves the fluid by gently pumping it back to the lymph vessels. Discomfort can easily be reduced by plummeting swelling and without lymphatic massage the inflammation can develop as a seroma or fibrosis.

3) Less Popular but More Beneficial

Lymphatic massages are less popular in comparison to other massages because it is less noticeable on the body due to its extreme fine touch procedure. The benefits from lymphatic massages can be experienced once you have taken up two or three sessions. It helps in removal of cell wastes, excess fluid, proteins, viruses, and bacteria. The session duration of lymph massage is at least for an hour.

4) Relaxes Mind and Body

Lymph massage work wonders if you are feeling tired, lethargic or recovering from any type of sickness. Moreover, it is helpful for sportspersons, surgical patients, Fibromyalgia and prolonged fatigue sufferers. This massage induces a state of relaxation in the body letting all the walls of vessels as well as bowels to be relaxed. For surgical patients, it helps in reducing swelling and detoxification of the body.

5) Enhances the Immune System

The immune system of our body is knitted closely to the lymphatic system. In case the flow of lymphatic materials decelerates, the immune system automatically weakens. Drainage massages can recover the function of immune system and boost the production of antibodies that fights back with various infections. Lymph drainage massages are also helpful in controlling inflammation in the body that causes diseases like arthritis.

Lymph massage grants a powerful impact on your body’s ability to recuperate. So, if you are feeling sluggish, experiencing slight to moderate swelling or trying to recover from a sports injury you must consider getting a few sessions of lymph massage. This ultra light massage, using repetitive and continuous hand movements, can optimize your lymph system effectively.

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