• I am a 22 Year old student. My name is VRINDA DHOOPER. I met with an accident on 9th August’ 2011 during morning hours while going to University. When taken to the hospital in the condition of total immobility alongwith excessive pain of my left arm, doctors diagnosed it as the case of multiple fracture –Humerus damage i.e. multiple fracture in left arm especially in Humerus bone leading to acute shooting pain . I had to undergo a major surgery wherein an implant (channel made of rods and plates) was fixed near that bone to give it full support with the help of tension band wiring and I was advised for complete bed rest. Though the surgery went successful yet I was apprehensive that whether I’ll be able to move my hand ever in my life because the damage was very dreadful leading to loss of hope and I was loosing my strength to fight this phase of my life which I never expected to happen. “Hope sustains life” – this statement became truly meaningful after 3 weeks of my surgery when I met two most dedicated angels – Dr. Rakesh Kumar and Dr. Era. I was sent for Physiotherapy for getting back the mobility and strength of my arm. There was very little chance that I’ll be able to move my arm as this joint was very crucial to get back to normal. But this miracle was made possible Dr. Rakesh and Dr. Era. With their determination, hard work and great precaution in handling my case and of creating and generating mobility in my arm, I regained my lost hope, mobility and strength of my arm and hand. I even regained my lost courage and confidence and now my arm can work normally as before. Their friendly approach towards their patients and creating an aura of hope, and great focus on treatment of their patients with full dedication is highly appreciable and deserves great applause and respect. Thank you Dr. Rakesh Kumar and Dr. Era.... for all the care and support you provided me which lead to my speedy recovery!!
    Vrinda Dhooper
  • My chachi Nivedita was suffering from severe tailbone problem for last couple of years.. But coming in touch with Dr. Era changed her life.. Apart from the best therapy sessions that Dr. Era and Dr. Rakesh provide, they are such positive people.. her life is rejuvenated and she is now enjoying her life to the max, thanks to the good doctors here.. Although she was undergoing the therapy last year, she is still in touch with them..and will always be grateful to them for giving her a new lifeline... I wish them all the best for their future.. Blessed be..
    Neha Raghu
  • when i woke up on the morning of 12th march i felt some numbness on left side of my face. within few hours i noticed deviation in my face . my smile has become weird . my friends used to say "AAY TERI SMILEE BADI SAHI AHI , TERE DIMPLES ALL THAT WAS GONE" I WENT TO DOCTOR he prescribed me some medications and to take physiotherapist opinion. i went to dr rakesh and dr era and they explained me about the disease and the time it will take to cure the problem, i started the treatment and got results from the third sitting only . i started noticing movements in my face , the best thing is that they give personal attention to each patient there is jadoo and warmth in their hands because of which i have fully recovered now. thanx to both of u
  • my wife suffered a paralytic stroke on 25 sep 2011 she was unable to move her feft leg and unable to raise left arm left side stopped working.she was unable to go even to washroom. i had to support heupto wash room.she couldnot take bath on her own,comb her hair and do not able to perform cooking. as per advise of neuro doctor,i engaged the services of physiotherapist dr rakesh .she underwent physiotherapy from 0ct 2011 to march 2012 . she is almost fully recovered.she is fit to do all house hold work.it has only been possible due to sincere efforts and hard work of doctor rakesh kumar. we are highly thankful to him,appreciate his services rendered and fully satisfied with his work.
    Adarshan Kaur
  • I want to thank Dr Rakesh Ji, for the treatment done at your physiotherapy centre. It was your hard work and dedication only through which I am able to cure by back problem. In fact the treatment from you not only included various exercises but also the use of various modern machines which helped me to cure my problem. At last I would again like to thank u for your efforts put in my case. I would really be seeking your guidance in future.
    Ankur Singla
  • I suffered with a severe slip disk problem(L5,S1) on 26th March, 2012. I had acute pain in my backbone and right leg, due to which I was unable to move. When I Consulted to one of the Orthopedic surgeon, he advised me surgery, for which I was so scared. Then I consulted to Dr. Rakesh (head of Physiotherapy department) , Landmark Hospital, Sector-33, Chandigarh. After clinical as well as MRI examination, he assured me that I shall get recovered within six to eight weeks time his treatment of physiotherapy. On the same day, he started my treatment of physiotherapy two sittings a day (two hours per sitting), After three days of my treatment,& complete bed rest, I stopped taking all heavy dose pain killers’ pills as I was feeling relief with this treatment, then I got a ray of hope that I shall get recover without any surgery. With The Grace of Almighty and the best efforts of Dr. Rakesh, I got recover from my said problem on dated 7th June, 2012. Reputed company at Chandigarh and I am enjoying my job. I am highly thankful to Dr. Rakesh, Dr. Era and their team for their best treatment as well as moral support given to me, during my said problem. I am also thankful to the staff of Land mark Hospital, who provided me every support during my treatment.
    Vinod Baghla