Poor posture not only creates a poor silhouette but causes muscular imbalances and pressures on nerves and internal organs.This leads to aches and pains, joint degeneration, tension headaches, fatigue back pain and make you look older. It is a step towards dowgers hump, double chin and pott belly.It is wrongly believed that poor posture is caused by obesity. In reality appearance of being obese is caused by poor posture

At perfecto physios we have the most advanced device which is non- invasive and specially crafted for these problems.It tightens skin and melts subcutaneous fat. It ensures uniform heating of fat tissue for a more predictable result.It features a fat melting module as well as a skin tightening module each of which passes RF current as well ultrasonic through the area. These create heat to melt fat and tighten collagen. We can tailor therapy by using whatever module is needed. We see reductions of more than an inch from upper arm circumference, in thighs and other areas.

It takes 20 to 30 minutes per area and many patients will want three or more areas treated per session. You dont need to be a dieter, but it’s worth to take care of yourself. So Let’s come and reshape your future.